The ST is very fun in the snow. You can actually modulate the rear of the car with throttle inputs. The torque vectoring will, upon command, apply 5-10% brakes to the rear wheels while braking the inside wheel. This causes the car to pivot around you whenever you "lift" off the throttle mid turn (get back on the… » 11/02/14 7:29pm 11/02/14 7:29pm

Just show up to a meet. You'de be surprised how open minded REAL automotive enthusiast are. I took mine out last year and as soon as I pulled up, I was surrounded by people firing questions at me.
I also find Subaru guys to be quite receptive to the ST. If I'd have to pick a group to role with it'd be the Subies.… » 7/20/14 12:06am 7/20/14 12:06am

There are problems with the Focus ST stalling when the clutch is engaged. It's an intermittent electrical issue caused by 7 wire splices (in the engine harness) that were not soldered. I have had my car into the dealership a few times with this issue and they will not repair it unless it displays a trouble code (as… » 4/24/14 2:12pm 4/24/14 2:12pm